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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"With you!"

As Tom says, on the rugby field, you know you have support when you’re running with the ball and you hear a teammate behind you shout “with you!” That’s good to hear if you’re running out of steam and not near enough to the try line (end zone) to make it on your own, or you’re about to get crunched but there’s a huge gap that you can’t quite make it through. Pass off to your support and let them take it in for a try (touchdown). There’s no glory in trying to do it all yourself if you don’t end up scoring.

The same is true in business. To know you have support behind you to help you when you need it is a wonderful thing. Too often, though, in a business setting we don’t look for support when we should, and we don’t offer support when we should. Wouldn’t it be nice in you next staff meeting to hear a colleague shout “with you!” when you really need it? Try it. The next time one of your co-workers needs help, give them a hearty “with you!”, and let them know they have your support.

On the rugby pitch, in the warehouse, or in the boardroom, you’re a team. Support your team, and let them support you. There’s no glory in going it alone if you don’t score.

And remember, Adopt-A-Rugger and Hug-A-Rugger.

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