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Monday, November 19, 2007

Changing Lanes

Some numbnuts pulled in front of me today without signaling. He (or she) did have a Give Blood, Play Rugby sticker on their new Prius, though, which was a bit of a surprise. I hope they don’t play rugby like they drive.

Running around opponents and breaking tackles is great, I wish I was better at it (meaning I’m not sure I’ve ever run around anyone), but you can’t just take off on you own without signaling your intentions to your teammates. If you go right and your support goes left, you’re in trouble. A well practiced team will have a much greater connection between and will have a pretty good read on each other, but you still must communicate.

The same thing applies to business. You can’t have one individual, a department, or division going off on their own without signaling their direction. To be successful, an organization must act as a cohesive unit, with everyone heading in the same direction towards the same goals. To get this to happen, you need a well developed Strategic Plan, a corresponding Action Plan, and an integrated and dynamic Performance Measurement System that ties everyone in to the Strategic Plan.

And don’t forget to Adopt-A-Rugger and Hug-A-Rugger.

1 comment:

Tom Volkar said...

Steve, I loved the rugby analogy. I also learned a lot on the rugby pitch. My favorite memories go back to when chugging along and almost out of gas I’d hear the most wonderful two words imaginable, “with you.” When a teammate shouted with you knew they were there in support to accept the lateral and keep the play alive.

Rugby is a sport whose very rules encourage cooperation and lots of it. Many business teams good learn a lot just from watching the unselfish play and flow of a rugby match in action.