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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dave Shoji's 5-T's

I just saw a presentation by University of Hawaii Women's Volleyball coach Dave Shoji. Thirty eight years of winning volleyball, including several national championships, he can teach you a lot about putting together a winning team.

He talked about his 5-T's.

1) Technology - you need to use the right technology to accomplish your goals and keep up with the latest technology. In his sport it is athletic apparel, training equipment, nutrition, etc. You need to keep up with your industry.

2) Technique - in volleyball it's how to hit the ball, how to block, how to position yourself. For you it might be how to schedule production, how to manage inventory, how to prepare a purchase order.

3) Training - train, train, and train some more before you play a game. For Operations professionals it's plan, plan plan, execute.

4) Tactics - how you are going to engage the other team. How you are going to attack and defend, who is going to play and who is going to sit on the bench. For you it is how you are going to compete in the market.

5) Team - he expounded on this.

A) keep your players happy. Take care of their needs and they can focus on the game / job.
B) practice. You can't be good enough unless you practice enough.
C) team chemistry - it's overrated. Important, but overrated.
D) leadership. You can't appoint a leader. You have to see who emerges as the leader.
E) your role. You have to understand your role and accept it. If your role is to sit on the bench and challenge the better players into keeping their starting position, do that well and support the team from that role. If you want more playing time,maybe you should move on.

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