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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week 7 Results

Sorry, I've been lax in reporting the rugby results. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch too much either. But here's the results from Week 7:

UH 29 Tries - 2Mapa, 2Paea, Mone / Con - 1Salesi, 1Niko
Harlequins 14 Tries - Justin, Micheal / Con - 2Setu

Islanders 26 Tries - Vili, Afa, Tofi, Gage / Conv - Lofi, 2Andy
Raiders 5 Tries - Tui

Here's Week 6 and 5 results too:

Week 6

Islanders 12 Tries - Toa, Anthony / Con - Anitelea
Kahuku 5 Try - Taki

Raiders won by default

UH - bye

Week 5

Raiders 34 Tries - Leni, Tulolo, Fehi, Fatu, Ikuna, Pulotu / Con - 1 Selu, 1 Ikuna
Kahuku 29 Tries - 2Paka, Leni, Pati, Mike / Con - 2 Mike

Islanders 22 Tries - Anthony, Lofi, Andy / Con - 1 Andy, 1 Komasi / DG - Andy
UH 5 Try - Vite

You'll notice that Tame Sulu Ie are no longer playing this season. I don't know what happened, but it's a bummer. The game I watched between them and the Islanders earlier in the season was great. Hope to see them back.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The First Cut is the Deepest

I saw an article in the paper today about Borders cutting back it’s workforce. It said that no top store managers were cut, but that managers responsible for inventory, training, sales, and merchandising were cut.

So a company that is struggling (it hasn’t been earning a profit) is going to cut the people responsible for the key areas that are needed to become profitable. Does this mean that they will have more inventory problems, untrained workers, fewer sales, and poor store merchandising? How exactly is that going to return the company to profitability?

During tough economic times, or any time really, you need to seriously think about what you’re doing, especially when you’re thinking of “cost cutting”.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

E is for Education

I have a copy of this video on VHS. It's been re-edited and posted on YouTube by the writer and producer (Bruce Kane). It was originally created for a college to promote their online APICS eduction, but that program never took off, so it was re-edited for a general audience and sold to APICS chapters to promote their local educational offerings.

It's a great video. Enjoy!

Here's the YouTube link, in case you can't view it here:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Match Report

Check out this Match Report from the Waimea Rugby Club (Hawaii Youth Rugby) on the Big Island of Hawaii. I love this, and I think you should consider using this format for your rugby club, or for any event your organization has put on and wants to communicate the results to your fans and/or members.

It's short, includes some great action shots, is attention getting, and brings enthusiasm to the event. This is a great idea, and a great job done with this. I'd like to seea report like this from every team in Hawaii. Send it out to your list immediately after the game (or event, if you're not a rugby club) to generate support and enthusiasm.

But beware, try to add too much and make it too long, and you'll bore everyone. A few sentences, a few pictures, and off you go. Just like this one.