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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In Fine Form

"I can hire you as soon as you're on the list", I was told.

"How do I get on the list?" I asked.

I was recommended for a consulting job with a government entity. After a couple of meetings to discuss the scope of the project things were looking good. That's when the subject of getting on the list. 

Here's how it's going so far:

1) The person I was speaking with told me they would send me a link to the form I needed to complete. 
2) I didn't get a link, so I asked, and still didn't get it.
3) I looked for the form myself and found one that looked like the right one. (paper form)
4) My contact said they have never seen that form, and gave me the number of the form to use, but still no link.
5) I filled out the form (online).
6) I got a notice that they needed more information.
7) I added more information and re-submitted the form.
8) I got another notice telling me this is the wrong form, and they referred me to the proper form by title, but no link or form number.
9) It is the form I originally found. 
10) I sent the form in again, but to a different department.
11) I'm waiting to hear if I'm on the list.

Unfortunately, this process is not one that we discussed in the scope of the project.  I'll have to work on that.