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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hawaii Rugby Season Starts

Hawaii Rugby season starts this Saturday at Kapiolani Park. More to follow...

U.S. Manufacturing

As far as blogs go, some are good and very many are mediocre. Even in the good ones, not all posts are equal. But occasionally, you come across a very good post that should be shared. And that's what I'm doing here.

Derek Singleton at The Manufacturing Blog writes about 5 Strategies for Growing as a Domestic Manufacturer. He makes some good points.

I would have added Improve Your Processes as a separate item, where he includes it under Invest in Your Workforce. Investing in your workforce brings many benefits that will help to boost productivity, which can include process improvements because of increased training. But I think process improvement should have its own focus. It is a vital, and ongoing, activity that is imperative at any time, in good times or bad.

I could make further comments, but you should read the post first and let me know what you think.