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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hawaii Rugby News

First, yesterday's game. The Hawaii Harlequins played Briars Rugby Club from New South Wales, Australia. Looking at their website, it seems they're on an end-of-season tour. Somebody told me they were heading to California. Cool. The score was 19-Harlequins : Briars 24. Briars scored four tries with two conversions. Two tries with conversions in the first half, and two unconverted tries in the second half. Harlequins scored three tries with two conversions. On unconverted try in the first half, then two tries with conversions in the second half. Since I arrived late, not knowing if there was a game and just showing up at the park, I only saw the second half. It was good though. As I said in a previous post, there's nothing like watching rugby up close and personal, even if it isn't the best rugby you've seen. What I saw of the game was pretty sloppy. A few good runs, but lots of bad passes, taking the ball while standing still, poor tackling, and the like. Still fun to watch though, so who's complaining.

What I did find at the game was some good information. Here's what I found, and what I found out last time I found a game.

There's a tournament next week, November 30 - December 1, at Kapiolani Park. That's the big park at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki, on Oahu, if you're not familiar with Hawaii. Should be fun. I'll be there. I don't know who all will be playing, but I now it's being hosted and organized by the Kalihi Raiders Rugby Club, and that the Islanders Rugby Club and the Barbarians (all from Oahu) will be participating. It's supposed to start at 11:00 am on Friday, the 30th.

Here's some information on clubs and their practices:

Hawaii Harlequins, practice Tues/Thur at 7:00 pm at Kapoalono Park in Kaimuki (near KCC, sort of). Their website is not too up to date, but there's some contact info.

Barbarians, practice Mon-Fri (so they say) at 5:30 pm at Paki Park, across from the Honolulu Zoo. No website and I don't have any contact info yet.

Kalihi Raiders Rugby Club, practice Mon-Thur at 6:30 pm at Kalakaua Field behind Farrington High School. No website and I don't have contact info yet.

Islanders Rugby Club, practice Tue/Thur at 5:30 pm at Kam Field (Kamehameha Field for those of you who don't like to see Kamehameha abbreviated like that), off of Likelike Highway mauka of H-1. I have a phone number for Lofi if you want to contact him.

I also spoke with someone who's involved with the Hawaii Youth Rugby League. They sound like they've got a good organization. Sounds like they just added a third team (U19, or Under 19 year olds) on the Big Island, which is really cool. There's supposed to be teams on Oahu and Maui, and then the three on the Big Island. I'll have to find out more about them and find out when and where they play. They have a website.

I also understand there's a team, the Hurricanes, on the North Shore (Oahu), so I'll have to find out about them too. They have a website.

I'll put links to the teams and organizations who have websites over on my links list, and when I find out more I'll post it here.

And don't forget to Adopt-A-Rugger and Hug-A-Rugger.


Mark said...

Saturdays Game was Good Game with lots of mistakes YES..
But all in all I think that we gave good time to our visiting Team...
I have left comment for their team and offered to take them scuba diving when they return through my company
Aloha Mark.

Mo said...

Hi there,

Thank you for posting this article. It gave me some info about the rugby clubs in Hawaii. I have been looking for clubs to play for while now but was not having any luck. I have been told from a friend of a friend that there is going to be a rugby league which starts Feburary 2nd 2008. Can anyone confirm that?

Anonymous said...


We just wanted to say that the Kalihi Raiders Rugby Club had a very good turn out for this tournament a friend and I from SF were riding through Kapiolani Park and saw this tournament and was fast to stop and see these team since we both play Rugby. We were happy and suprise to see that these teams had it in them and of course talent was also there. We stayed and talked to a few people to see how our team can get involved next year. I got to speak with this awesome and also very well spoken coordinator for the Kalihi Raiders Rugby Club "Saga" and she has invited us for next year. We would like to say that week for us was awesome and the tournament was great good turn out was there and great aloha spirit.


Anonymous said...

just want to let everyone know that the best rugby team that i ever seen play in hawaii (oahu) is the islanders rugby team. i know that these past weeks they won every single game so far. just wanna give a shot out to the islanders. great games!