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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Some Hawaii Rugby News

I got to watch half a rugby game today. That's one reason I'm out in search of rugby news here in the islands, so I don't only see half a game. Without much information to go on, I just show up at the park looking for games. They started on time today (though I didn't even know what on time was), so I arrived at half time. Oh,well. Watched a good second half and met some people who gave me loads of information.

But, since it's past my bedtime and I'm in the middle of upteen projects, you'll have to wait for morning for my second half recap, score, and all the info I got. Sorry, but I'm old. Need my beauty sleep. Have to get up and run in the morning. Since I'll probably be up before you, you should see something when you get up and log on.

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