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Monday, January 25, 2010

Temporarily Out of Stock

Amazon received my books two days ago, but they're not In Stock yet. Their system seems to know what's going on, up to a point, but it looks like a few tweaks are in order. I sent them an Advanced Shipping Notice, so they knew they were coming - but that wasn't reflected on my page. Could have said More on the Way or something. Now I know they've received them because I tracked the shipment. My page has been updated to Temporarily Out of Stock, but the books they've received are not In Stock yet.

I'm still looking into advertising. I'm creating a list of the larger APICS chapters around the U.S. and Canada and the price of ads in their newsletters, if they have one. Most are pretty reasonable, so I'll give them a try. Reasonable, that is, if it results in sales.

I've rearranged the boxes in my apartment so you hardly even know they're there. Hardly. Well, they're mostly out of the way, sort of.

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