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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, got a little bit done. Started the Amazon setup process. It's pretty straightforward, just takes time. With the book already there I'm not sure of the next step, but either way it takes them a day or two to process what I've done so far.

Got a little bit of writing done, but I'm not moving nearly fast enough. I write slow to begin with (I run slow too, I wonder if there's a theme here) and I keep getting interrupted. I have to write my articles for the Vietnam Supply Chain magazine, which eats into my time. But that actually works out pretty well because I use a lot of what I write in those articles in the book. It changes and expands for the book, but the basic ideas start there. Well not actually start there, the ideas usually start from what I'm writing or will be writing in the book, and they come out in a quick magazine format article before circling around back into the book. Something like that. Still, need to focus on the writing. Focus, focus.

But late now, so time for bed and recharging so I can write and work tomorrow.

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