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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have another interview scheduled this week. I've been interviewing people who's organizations are doing something well in the area of Business Operations, for inclusion in my upcoming book.

I've been a bit surprised at how difficult it is to find people to interview. You would think that most people would jump at the chance to talk about what their organization is doing well. It doesn't have to be the entire organization, doing something well in one area is enough for my needs and enough to inspire other people to improve their performance.

I also ask everyone I interview if they can refer me to someone else that they think I should speak with. But not one person has recommended someone else. Is it that no one is really happy with their suppliers, customers, or anyone else they do business with either professionally or personally? If that's the case, I need to change that. That's why I'm adding all the great information I'm getting in these interviews into the book.

If you know of any organization that's doing something well in the way of Operations, please let me know. Contact information would be even better, but just the name of the organization will give me a start.

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