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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still Moving

Well, where are we at with the book? We almost up and running on Amazon. The update price and information is there, they just need to order from me so that the availability status says "In Stock".

I've completed my application to Powell's Books. I'm already on their site because I was on their shelves in Portland (Oregon), but they show Out-of-Stock. So I need to be registered as a vendor with them so they can stock the book again.

I have to finish the Barnes & Noble application.

At this point I'm not looking for one of the big distributors. I'm going to look into some smaller distributors that focus on business books and/or the independent bookstore market, because I think they will put more effort into the sales & marketing side. Not much, realistically, but more than the zero I would expect from the big guys.

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