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Sunday, January 6, 2008


I've been writing lately. My next book is close to completion. Not as close as it should be, but I'm trying to get it finished up as soon as possible. I was doing pretty good with the writing, but then I had a few distractions. I'm getting back at it now, but it can be a struggle at times. The working title is Compete - and Win! Your Guide to Business Operations Excellence. That might change, but I like it. I think it conveys the content pretty well too. Its about how to achieve a level of excellence in the business operations areas of your organization so that you can effectively compete in today's global marketplace.

I also just posted another new article on my website and on If anybody wants to pay me to write articles like this, please let me know, 'cause for now it's just for ego. The current article is titled How To Work With A Consultant. Useful tips for anyone hiring or working with a consultant, in any area of your organization.

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