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Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Radio Experience

Sometimes I’m easy. I loved my experience of being on the radio yesterday, on ThinkTech Hawaii on Hawaii Public Radio (here’s the link to the online mp3 file, I start at about 15 minutes). For one, it was just plain cool. I’ve never been on the radio before, never been in “the studio”. I just love to see how things work and to experience new things. I especially love touring manufacturing plants to see how different companies do things, but seeing how a radio show that I listen to every week works was fun.

I also love to see things that work well. Besides just the joy of seeing things that work well, I learn from it and try to help other organizations get to that point of performance. The folks at HPR know how to do things well, at least from my brief experience. Cheers to ThinkTech host Jay Fidell, who is an excellent host. Besides being a bundle of energy and an exceptional host and moderator, he makes you feel welcome and comfortable. Producer Kayla Rosenfeld keeps everything on track. Everything from being prepared and welcoming the guests, to explaining the process and how things work to the guests, to telling Jay to “watch your P’s” when he’s speaking, she makes the whole thing work seamlessly. Also involved is Lillian Tsang. Besides reading the introduction, I wasn’t quite sure what she was doing, but it looked important. She sat outside the studio booth at a sound board (or something), and kept an eye on what was going on inside. Sorry I didn’t pay more attention. This group made the whole thing seem effortless, which I know it is not.

Many businesses and other organizations can learn a thing or two about how to manage their operations by watching how the HPR and ThinkTech crew produce their shows. Everyone is prepared, they know what they’re doing and when they’re doing it. When things are supposed to happen, they happen. Guests are made to feel welcome and comfortable. They live what I preach – Plan, plan, plan, execute. Have everything planned and prepared, ensure everyone is trained and know what they’re supposed to do, then do it. Excellent!

So how was I on the show? Well, I imagine that it’s just a matter of time until they invite me to host my own show. Yeah, I give good radio. As I mentioned to Jay, I’ll be famous after my appearance on his show. The millions and millions of listeners will read my blog, and next thing you know, I’ll be on Oprah. I won’t forget you little people.

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