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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another Rant

Went to Waikiki last night to meet some friends at The Yard House. There's a reason I try to avoid Waikiki. Way too crowded for me. Our friends got a traffic ticket. Seems the police were having a ticket fest at one particular intersection. Had to wait an hour and fifteen minutes to get a table. It was too dark to read the menu. I couldn't hear anything the waitress or the people at the other end of the table were saying. I ordered a Salvator, but they brought me something else. They tried to convince me it was a Salvator, but I knew better. So they took it away and admitted it was a mistake and brought me another. It still wasn't right. I know my Salvator. Had to pay to valet park because there's no parking anywhere within a reasonable distance. Last time I go there. The soup was good, I have to admit. Clam Chowder. Too full for desert.

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