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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Referee Clinic - Day 1

Wow! What a great clinic. Learning all kinds of things I didn't know. It will certainly enhance my rugby watching experience, if nothing else.

I'm the least knowledgeable in the class. I guess that means I'm getting more of my money's worth.

Got a ref's whistle and red and yellow cards. Told my wife she better watch out, because if she's bad, she's going to get a whistle and a yellow card. Exhibited my whistling and card holding prowess to her. I think she was impressed, and she'll be on her toes now.

Since lunch went overlong today, we're having potluck tomorrow. Anyone who's lived in the islands can understand the importance of this. Bringing food, I mean. I volunteered to bake bread. Haole food, but that's all I know how to cook. It's rising now, and I'll pop it in the oven in the morning. One batch of Focaccia and one batch of Olive Bread.

Will report back tomorrow. After I practice my whistle technique.

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