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Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm fussy

Just a few things I'm fussy about:

Espresso - You can't get a good espresso in Hawaii. Even the new place that made such a big deal about their machine that's the only one on the island; blah. I haven't been to Italy, so can't comment about espresso there, so my Gold Standard is The Steps of Rome Cafe in San Francisco. Excellent!

Coffee - Not as fussy as about espresso, but still have high standards. I use a French Press at home. 'Nuff said.

Margaritas - I can't drink margaritas anymore, except for the ones I make. Souza Commemerativo tequila, Contreau, fresh squeezed limes. On the rocks. No slushies for me.

Beer - I could go on for hours about this one. I have to have high-quality. Micro brews, assorted imports, and traveling to England, Wales, and Scotland for pub brews. Haven't been to Germany or Belgium yet.

Cotton shirts - Has to be 100% cotton. Same for undies.

Customer Service - I expect nothing but excellence. I'm usually disappointed.

Efficiency - I can't stand things that don't work well.

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