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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hawaii Rugby Tournament Results - Day 2

Boy, what a difference a day makes. The rugby today was drastically different from yesterday, a step up. There was some great ball handling, passing, and ball control today. All the games today (three games) were well played, exciting, and fun to watch. The conditions today were also drastically different. Yesterday was grey and overcast, and not too warm. Today was hot and humid. My burnt body can attest to that. I suddenly realized, after game two, that I was burnt and dehydrated. Luckily there was a break between games, so I hydrated and grabbed my umbrella. I took a few minutes in the shade of a tree too. Ahh!

I also have to commend the refs for the tournament. They did an excellent job of keeping things under control, while keeping play flowing. Good work guys! So here's the results:

Game 1:

Hurricanes - 20 vs. Kalihi Raiders - 3

The Hurricanes scored three tries, converting one, and adding a penalty. The Raiders scored one penalty.

Game 2:

Maui Rugby - 15 vs. Tama Sulu Ie - 10

The best game of the tournament. Well played, well fought, and very close. These teams looked nothing like they did yesterday. They must have slept well. Maui scored two tries, converting one, and added a penalty. Tama Sulu Ie scored one try, converted it, and added a penalty. Great work guys!

Game 3 (Championship Game):

Maui Rugby - 0 vs. Hurricanes - 11

Another good game. I don't know how they did it, after each playing a game earlier and the heat hovering on the field like it was. But they played a well fought match. The Hurricanes won the game and the tournament, though, and I think part of that was due to the extra rest they had from playing earlier in the day. The Hurricanes scored one try and two penalties.

So, keep looking here for updates and information on rugby in Hawaii. Aloha.

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