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Friday, April 11, 2008


eKno - everythingKnow - everything you need to Know in today's modern age. A new series from Squealing Piglet Press.

You're not an Idiot, you're not a Dummy, but you don't know everything. Yet.

The new series - eKno - from Squealing Piglet Press will give you everything you need to Know on a variety of subjects. Easily understandable, but written for you, the person who is smarter than they think.

Look for eKno guides on your favorite subjects, available in a variety of formats. Coming soon from Squealing Piglet Press.

Squealing Piglet Press - Promoting Learning in All Ages and Stages of Life

Squealing Piglet Press is a new venture of mine. If you're interested in writing an eKno guide, please contact me. Look for some forthcoming titles from Squealing Piglet Press.

Look for these upcoming titles:

eKno - Operations. everything you need to Know about Operations.

eKno - Rugby. everything you need to Know about Rugby.

and more...

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