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Thursday, May 5, 2011

iPad 2 For Business

A friend of mine bought a very expensive toy. I bought my iPad 2 for business. Here's what I've been able to do so far, and I am not especially tech savvy. All of this done on the iPad 2.

Created a presentation using Keynote. That's pretty basic, but I've downloaded pictures and use PhotoPad to crop and edit them before adding to slides.

Downloaded video from YouTube using iCab, and Quick Cut Pro to do simple editing before adding to slide. Discovered I can automatically move to the next slide after the video is done - if the video is 10 seconds or less - , but that works perfectly for this presentation.

Created a design for a paddle I have to make for use in a workshop using iDraw.

Use GoodReader to view, markup, and crop PDF files.

Use Save2PDF to create PDF's from other programs (apps), like Pages.

Use KAYAK to find flights. I like KAYAK. It seems to find the best flights and fares (best being a relative term when talking about air fares).

Use Digits for calculating, i.e. mostly adding. I like Digits because it's a pretty basic calculator, but it gives you a running "tape" like an adding machine.

I'm using World Clock to keep track of what time it is in different cities. I have a terrible time trying to figure out what time it is in Vietnam. The time zones, the international date line, it just hurts my brain.

I'm using absolute Board, a white board app, Motion X GPS so I don't get lost, and a few other miscellaneous apps for this and that (Nightstand for clock/alarm, Mobile RSS for my news feeds, NPR to listen to Hawaii Public Radio while on the road).

Now, not exactly for business, but necessary for travel, I'm using yxplayer to watch videos, and iSwifter to watch Flash videos.

To watch movies you could buy / rent movies and TV shows from iTunes or Netflix. But I've got DVD's at home that would be great to watch on a plane, so for this I had to use my laptop along with the iPad 2.

I got iSkysoft's DVD to iPad Converter, ripped the video, and put it on the iPad 2. I used iCab to import it and yxplayer to watch.

And last, but not least, I'm using Blogsy to write and post my blogs. Sweet!

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