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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lessons Learned

Some lessons learned:

1) Don't believe everything you read.

2) Don't ship U.S. Postal Media Mail if you want something to get somewhere anytime soon. Refer to #1 when reading the USPS website regarding transit times for Media Mail.

3) Do NOT ship U.S. Postal Media Mail if shipping from Hawaii (or Alaska) if you want your package to get to the mainland in your life time.

4) Read the fine print. USPS website does, in fact, mention that transit times quoted do not apply to Alaska and Hawaii.

5) Media Mail means surface shipping, not a priority, hold on to the packages until the next ship leaves.

6) Just because the first time you shipped Media Mail your package arrived in about 7 days, doesn't mean that the next time it won't take 16 days.

7) Get a FedEx account.

8) Amazon, for all their 21st century internet wonder, can not put items into inventory when they are received.

9) Amazon takes 7-10 days to enter items into their system after they have been received.

10) Read the fine print.

11) People won't buy an item that is Temporarily Out of Stock.

12) When advertising that your items are "Available on", refer to items #2 - 11.

13) Temporarily Out of Stock sometimes means "we have it but we don't say we have it or we don't know we have it."

p.s. Feel free to order The Small Manufacturer's Toolkit on Amazon now, as they are in their warehouse at this very moment, despite what the status says.

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