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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hawaii Youth Rugby Recognized

Certificate Honoring and Commending SFC Dana L. Mueller on his outstanding work with the Hawaii Youth Rugby Association

Through the efforts of SFC Dana L. Mueller, Marketing & Advertising Director-HIARNG, the Hawaii Youth Rugby Association has been able to receive nearly $100,000 worth of rugby uniforms and equipment kits, the use of National Guard facilities free of charge to offset costs of room and board for neighbor island teams, and enabled HIARNG to host a true State Rugby Championship Tournament for the last two years in a row.

The Rugby Kit Program was initially intended for High School and Collegiate Rugby teams across America. Realizing that Hawaii Rugby leagues were struggling to stay organized, SFC Dana Mueller, with the assistance of David Ma'afu Wendt, Kevin Perry, Siuaki Livai, and Jack Breen, petitioned the National Guard Bureau and USA Rugby to extend this program to HYR. This allowed HYR to become the only youth rugby league in the country to be awarded the National Guard/USA Rugby Kit Program in 2008, and it has continued to thrive and grow on the islands of Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island.

The mission of this program is to provide teams with the necessary apparel and equipment to enjoy a higher level of rugby, and to help grow the sport within the state of Hawaii. While creating relationships between these young athletes and HIARNG Soldiers, this program instills the values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

In 20098 the Hawaii Youth Rugby "All-Star" team competed, and finished fourth in the U19 National Championships held at Stanford University in California. Immediately recognizing Hawaii's young talent, Mr. Nigel Melville, President of USA Rugby, sent USA Rugby's current Back-line Coach, Mr. Matt Sherman, to recruit four HYR athletes (Lopaka Morris, Apelu So'oalu, Mafileo Lauhingoa, Semisi Vehikite) to compete on USA Rugby's U18/U19 teams. Not only did these young men represent the state of Hawaii, but also the United States as they competed against national team from Canada and England.

Other important catalysts who shared in this vision, and have made immeasurable contributions to this program's success include both Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Douglas K. Jackson, and Major (MAJ) Loren Penney.

Therefore, the Council on behalf of the people of the City and County of Honolulu, honors and commends SFC Dana L. Mueller. Further, the Council extends its best wishes for his continued success in all future endeavors.

Dated: November 18, 2009

CHARLES K. DJOU, Co-Introducer
TODD K. APO, Chair


Glen said...

It's nice to hear that the game is significantly gaining domestic recognition for empowering our young athletes. As they develop their career on rugby games, from joining a youth rugby league to eventually entering the professional level game, I expect to see this sports getting more mainstream.

Do they also have a women's rugby league there?

Gian Turner said...

Hey Glen,

Yes, I agree with you there. Rugby should be made mainstream. A lot of people are really hooked up in this game, plus, it can be a good youth program to aid them against drugs and vices.

I have been organizing a youth rugby in Denver to further promote the sport. Good thing, sports center in Denver accommodate this sport.

Savannah said...

I believe that every young girl and boy who involves in any sports club like Rugby League Club, they will learn to practice their leadership skill, they will learn to be cooperative, their courage will get stronger, and they will perceive more for their dreams. Also, the risks in getting involved in drugs, alcohol, and smoking will be less. I hope soon that many youth will get interested to join the Rugby League Clubs.

I strongly support the campaign for in promoting rugby sports for youth, because I believe, it will help them to mold as good citizen in the country.