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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hawaii Women's Rugby

Got some info from Shelly. Seems Hawaii Women's Rugby is a force to be reckoned with. You Go Girls!

Clubs Laie Park Ladies, Teine Toa O Laie and HPU are in the Las Vegas Invitational, here are some of the results -

Laie Park Ladies 26 vs Iowa 5.

HPU wins their first game 5 tries to 1.

Teine Toa O Laie wins by forfeit against the University of Minnesota.

Laie Rookies 7 tries .... Las Vegas Slots 0

Teine Toa O Laie 7 ... Oregon Beavers 10

Laie Rookies 35 ... Rochester 0

Teine Toa not in contention

Laie Rookies 21 ... Flamingos 12; move to the finals

Finals: Laie Park Ladies 19 ... Minnesota Amazons 7

LAIE PARK LADIES are the LVI Champions!!! Congratulations to our Women's Clubs for their hard work and determination!

This is the list of teams on their website:

Womens Open 7's

BYU Womens Cougar Rugby Club
Laie Park Ladies Rugby
Rochester Renegades Women's Rugby Club

Tenei Toa O' Laie
The Satiated Beavers
Twin Cities Amazons
UC Santa Cruz -W

University of Minnesota
Velvet Piglets

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