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Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Should B Writing

My writer’s group is meeting on Saturday. I should be writing.

I’ll get to it after this episode.

I am deep into Breaking Bad. Not having TV, I scoffed at the Sunday night junkies unable to break the weekly habit. Now, after finally succumbing to the pressure, I am suffering from the jitters, lack of sleep, and over-caffeination brought on by DVD binging.

I tell myself I am researching the art of storytelling; how to develop characters, move the story forward, integrate divergent plot points. I tell myself I can stop after the next episode, turn off the TV, do the dishes, then sit down and write.

I tell people that I have everything mapped out, the book is nearly complete, that I just have to fill in a few spots.

I am writing a business book.

It’s not a boring, academic tome. I am bringing the topics to life by developing stories that highlight the points I am trying to make. That’s why I need to do research.

I should be writing.

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