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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Business Author's Show

Listen to my interview on The Business Author's Show.

I was not able to listen to the completed interview until it was available this morning, and I was pleasantly surprised.  Danielle is very impressive and she produces a very professional show.

I have heard myself before and sometimes I think my voice could be better or I could have said things differently (i.e. better), but I am very happy with this interview.

If you are an author, I heartily recommend Danielle and The Business Author's Show.

Take a listen.  It's only about 12 minutes.

Want to buy the book, go to, or Amazon Canada.

(please note that the price change on Amazon Canada has not taken effect yet.  I have changed the price to CDN$24.95. Also, the inventory has not yet arrived so it is still showing out of stock at this moment).

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