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Monday, September 6, 2010

Touch Rugby in Hawaii

The Hawaii Union is putting together touch rugby for fun and fitness. Starting September 11th there will be teams of men, women, and mixed. I am assured that there will be opportunities for old, slow people, should we feel the need to embarrass ourselves in public.

From Ma'afu "David" Wendt:

ALOHA to ALL the MEMBERS of RUGBY HAWAII UNION, Sialofi, Jope, Peni, Dan and myself is setting up a Touch League to start September 11th.

Fields to be announced. This league will have womens/youth/mens and co ed.

For fitness and preparation for the League games in January, we will add a 7's and possibly

a 10 man game before the season.

Please contact Lofi if you have a team.

It sounds like fun!

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