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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


From Figuratively Speaking by John McIntyre:

Percentage of U.S. companies that viewed their middle managers as unqualified to be promoted to the next level: 33

Percentage that rated their middle managers as "very qualified": 6

This tells me one of two things; either 1) all the middle mangers are dunces, or 2) all the top managers are dunces. I would have to go with #2, all the top managers are dunces. My first question to the companies that do not think their middle managers are qualified is - what are you doing about it? Are you providing training, mentoring, or coaching to you management staff? Why not? Do you expect them to spontaneously sprout excellence out of their ... ears?

Perhaps it's top managements fault for not providing clear direction in terms of responsibility, learning, and growth, then providing the opportunities for it. Wasn't it Deming who said that 85% of problems are caused by management? That includes top management.

Of course it is possible that many middle managers are dunces...

I may have worked for one or two...

I may have been one.

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