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Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Rugby

I got to watch one game yesterday. Islanders vs Tama Sulu Ie. It was a great game, the best one I’ve seen here. The Islanders won 3-0 in a tough fought match. The teams were pretty evenly matched and played pretty much the same. There were a couple of breaks throughout the game, but defense was good on both sides, and a little more discipline could be had on offence for both. Missed opportunities from either not passing when they should or passing when they shouldn’t. Pretty common in the level of rugby I always played, but can be overcome with practice.

Tama Sulu Ie played noticeably better than the last time I saw them play last year. They have new uniforms too, but I’m sure their playing has more to do than just new jerseys.

I have to say that the Union (Hawaii State Rugby Union) has really made an impact. This game, while very physical as is typical here, was well played. The push for clean, disciplined play is taking hold. Also, spectators are kept back away from the field about six feet or so, which adds a level of control over the whole game and field. Union officials are also on-hand to monitor and keep things under control. Good job guys and girls. Union Secretary Shelly was on the ball, keeping tabs of things and taking notes for future improvements.

I also have to mention the refereeing. The two referee clinics that have taken place recently are really paying off. Ikuna, who is also a player for Kalihi Raiders did an exceptional job, not only of calling the game, but keeping it well under control. The touch judges, who were both trained and qualified as referees added an extLinkra level of professionalism.

Keep up the good work everyone, and good luck to all the teams.

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