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Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's not failure if your learning

I'll write more on this, but I have to share this for now.

During the coaching clinic I attended, I had to keep asking myself if I was in a rugby coaching clinic or a business seminar. The similarities were striking. My book, Business Lessons from the Rugby Field, is practically writing itself. One of the things the instructor said was that you have to let the players fail during practice sometimes. That's how they'll learn. If you only show them the right way, and just drill that into them, they'll never know what to do in a real game situation. If they never fail, they'll never learn what doesn't work. If they don't fail, it means they're not trying new things.

That's the same thing I tell businesses. If your employees aren't allowed to fail, they're not trying new things. If you don't try new things you can't grow. You have to fail so you can succeed. It's not really failure if you're learning something.

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