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Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Should B Writing

My writer’s group is meeting on Saturday. I should be writing.

I’ll get to it after this episode.

I am deep into Breaking Bad. Not having TV, I scoffed at the Sunday night junkies unable to break the weekly habit. Now, after finally succumbing to the pressure, I am suffering from the jitters, lack of sleep, and over-caffeination brought on by DVD binging.

I tell myself I am researching the art of storytelling; how to develop characters, move the story forward, integrate divergent plot points. I tell myself I can stop after the next episode, turn off the TV, do the dishes, then sit down and write.

I tell people that I have everything mapped out, the book is nearly complete, that I just have to fill in a few spots.

I am writing a business book.

It’s not a boring, academic tome. I am bringing the topics to life by developing stories that highlight the points I am trying to make. That’s why I need to do research.

I should be writing.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Manufacturing's Bane

I visited a factory recently, which is something I love to do. But on this tour I made a very surprising discovery. I found out what it is that is holding American manufacturing back.


The company, by their account, is so busy that they are not taking on new customers. However, I noticed that few of the machines were running and there didn't seem to be much activity anywhere. When I asked about this discrepancy I was told that "we don't operate on testosterone.".

Who knew that has been the problem all along. But testosterone or not, of you want to get orders out the door and serve the customers you do have, you have to keep things moving.

Maybe I'm missing something.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dave Shoji's 5-T's

I just saw a presentation by University of Hawaii Women's Volleyball coach Dave Shoji. Thirty eight years of winning volleyball, including several national championships, he can teach you a lot about putting together a winning team.

He talked about his 5-T's.

1) Technology - you need to use the right technology to accomplish your goals and keep up with the latest technology. In his sport it is athletic apparel, training equipment, nutrition, etc. You need to keep up with your industry.

2) Technique - in volleyball it's how to hit the ball, how to block, how to position yourself. For you it might be how to schedule production, how to manage inventory, how to prepare a purchase order.

3) Training - train, train, and train some more before you play a game. For Operations professionals it's plan, plan plan, execute.

4) Tactics - how you are going to engage the other team. How you are going to attack and defend, who is going to play and who is going to sit on the bench. For you it is how you are going to compete in the market.

5) Team - he expounded on this.

A) keep your players happy. Take care of their needs and they can focus on the game / job.
B) practice. You can't be good enough unless you practice enough.
C) team chemistry - it's overrated. Important, but overrated.
D) leadership. You can't appoint a leader. You have to see who emerges as the leader.
E) your role. You have to understand your role and accept it. If your role is to sit on the bench and challenge the better players into keeping their starting position, do that well and support the team from that role. If you want more playing time,maybe you should move on.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Support the Women Eagles Tour

The Women Eagles are going on tour to Europe to play Franc and Italy. Please help so they are not asked to pay their own way. This is our national team!

Read More

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Natural Selection

This is a great article about player selection in rugby, but it is also an excellent example of how businesses should go about managing employees and selecting those for promotion. Take a look.


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Business Author's Show

Listen to my interview on The Business Author's Show.

I was not able to listen to the completed interview until it was available this morning, and I was pleasantly surprised.  Danielle is very impressive and she produces a very professional show.

I have heard myself before and sometimes I think my voice could be better or I could have said things differently (i.e. better), but I am very happy with this interview.

If you are an author, I heartily recommend Danielle and The Business Author's Show.

Take a listen.  It's only about 12 minutes.

Want to buy the book, go to, or Amazon Canada.

(please note that the price change on Amazon Canada has not taken effect yet.  I have changed the price to CDN$24.95. Also, the inventory has not yet arrived so it is still showing out of stock at this moment).

Friday, October 26, 2012

Management Tips

This was just sent to me and it is worth posting. Many people find themselves in a management or supervisory position with no training. That is not good. But here are some tips that will help.

I also noticed that there are a number of other articles posted that look very useful.

20 New Manager Tips

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